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Semperfli Golden Spool

Semperfli Golden Spools Competition

The CompetitionAt Semperfli we have something very, very exciting for fly tyers world-wide.Whilst we have been busy spooling your favorite fly tying materials we have been manufacturing some spools with special Golden labels hidden below the products. Yes, world-wide behind some of our spooled fly tying materials there are hidden many Golden Spools, each with […]

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Semperfli New Corporate Video here is the team at the Semperfli head office and manufacturing.We are confident of our manufacturing with unique spooling equipment which allows us to make touching turns of materials from threads, 0.1mm to 0.5mm wires all programmable. Why? Because this means as a fly tyer you will not get bird nesting with our latest […]

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Straggle String Videos

About Semperfli WiresSemperfli wires come in in 0.1mm ideal for dries, 0.2mm for nymphs, streamers and ribbing, 0.3mm for brassies and 0.5mm for streamers, saltwater, salmon and sea trout flies.Videos July 12, 2020 60 Second Straggle String Caddis Fly Pattern Video July 10, 2019 So this isn’t really a tutorial, but more of a… The […]

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