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  • Anchor Wrap Tying Technique by Paul Shurtleff

    Anchor Wrap After spending some time working with and field testing various materials over the years, I’d like to stress the importance of what’s called an “Anchor Wrap” in fly tying when working with various materials. I’m not just talking about any materials though, I’m...
  • Paul Procter Caddis Pupa Fly Tying Step By Step

    Paul is a world-wide author, fly tyer and guide. Winner of Fish and Fly Best Guide / Instructor of the Year 2016. Seen in many magazines Paul’s fly tying is exquisite with patterns that catch fish based on his incredible entomology knowledge and is show...
  • Booby Eye Tying Technique

    Brought to you by Gary Hanke of Canada, here is a great You Tube video showing a great way of using Semperfli foam (booby) tubes for eyes.  Suitable for beginners to fly tying or for those who would like to develop their fly tying skills...
  • Jim Lees – Using Semperfli Wool To Make Stunning Grayling Shrimp

    As one of our pro team Jim Lees stunning grayling fly tied using Semperfli Shrimp Wool Hook: Partridge CZF #12 Weight: Three layers of adhesive lead foil Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 Pink Eyes: Tungsten Stretch Lace Antennae: Wood Duck Shellback: Semperfli Thinskin Shell Back...

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