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  • Nano Silk Hints and Tips Video

    Paul Procter (UK) and Gary Barnes (USA) demonstrate some features and techniques for use when fly tying wih Semperfli Nano Silk. Unbelievebly strong, Nano Silk can be used twisted, flat to tie hollow hairs or foams and can be coloured. See their brilliant techniques for...
  • Anchor Wrap Tying Technique by Paul Shurtleff

    Anchor Wrap After spending some time working with and field testing various materials over the years, I’d like to stress the importance of what’s called an “Anchor Wrap” in fly tying when working with various materials. I’m not just talking about any materials though, I’m...
  • Why Nano Silk is so popular?

    Since its launch, Nano silk has been embraced by fly tiers the World over.  An obvious advantage is Nano thread pretty much remains unbreakable, especially in the realms of fly tying.  However, for my money, that the thread lays flat and can be readily divided...
  • Straggle String for Wild Browns by Pro Tyer Kevin Sheridan

    Last Season I started using Straggle String for Irish Wild Brown Trout after seeing a picture of the Assassin Buzzer that was Created by Sandy Dickson Semperfli Pro Team Member. Shortly after I got a call from a angler asking for a selection of Assassin...
  • Straggle String Czech Nymphs by Paul Shurtleff

    Simple and easy to tie, these Straggle String Czech nymphs are highly effective and a productive fly pattern to use in waters containing “Hydropsyche” (or “Hydros” for short, also called “net spinner”) caddis larvae… These are a form of caddis larvae that build nets of silk...
  • New Straggle String In Brown Released!

    If fly tyers ask, we do our very best to help! We were asked for a brown Straggle String so our dyers got to work and here is the result! We are delighted to launch this lovely shade of brown.  Hope you like it!