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Semperfli Launches New Fluoro Waxed Threads!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Fluoro Waxed Thread range!

  • Available in 6/0, 8/0 and 12/0
  • Fluoro red, fluoro orange, fluoro yellow and fluoro green
  • 240 yards on a spool
  • RRP just £2.99
  • Sold via the worlds best fly shops

These amazing fluoro colours are a wonderful addition to our exitsting very popular range of waxed threads.

Key features on Semperfli waxed threads:

  • strength
  • lays flat
  • less bulk
  • in laying flat, more surface area is achieved to give better adhesion
  • right balance of wax
  • plenty of thread on the spool at 240 yards (more than a lot of other brands)
  • excellent quality thread
  • great colour range
  • wide range of colours in 6/0 8/0 and 12/0

Eminent fly tyer Hans van Klinken calls our waxed threads ‘the best of the best’!

” For me its a matter of a perfect harmony between thread and hook. A great pleasure to work with.”

Please do read our full Reviewers Guide

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