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Semperfli Pro Team – what do we look for in our Pro Team Members?

To say we are proud of our Pro Team is an understatement!  We are delighted to be working with some of the very best Pro Tyers around the world.  Their tying reflects many different styles of tying from around the world and different types of fishing.  They really do represent Semperfli and our materials to their very best.

We like to involve our Pro Team too in sharing ideas, news and indeed even product development/evaluation and at our Fly Jam event our Pro Team get to test our prospective new materials in advance of release.  We really do value their opinion and feedback.  This truly international event also enables us all to share tips techniques and more.  Outside of this event, we keep in regular contact sharing ideas and news.

We are contacted regularly by tyers who wish to join our team.
So what do we look for in a Semperfli Pro Tyer?
If you are thinking about applying to join our team, the following information may be of help and interest to you.

There are certain key criteria we look for:

  • A passion for Semperfli materials! This is vital. You need to be able to showcase both flies tied with our materials (for a period of time) and knowledge of the range.  We like to see our materials used both in the photos/flies you can share with us and also on your social media timeline.
  • Exhibitions – being a Pro Tyer at various fly tying shows is highly regarded and an important part of our consideration.
  • Social Media – an active contribution on social media channels both on your own page and groups (with our materials showcased).  Regular posts are required. Fly tying videos/go live and more are fantastic too.  Please be aware we do look for a professional, polite and courteous online representation both in your profile and postings.
  • Blog – do you run your own fly tying blog or website?  Great!
  • Clubs/workshops – do you teach/share your knowledge with others?
If you feel that you meet the above criteria and would like to apply to join the Semperfli Pro Team what do you need to do?

All applications can be made via emailing protyers@semperfli.net.  From here you will be sent an application form.  We ask that this application form be completed and returned with samples of your fly tying.

From there, your application will be considered by our Panel.  Our Panel is an international one in that we have expert Fly Tyers from around the world jointly assessing each application.  This means we can truly assess the different styles submitted.

If your application is successful, our Guidelines document is sent out to you for your consideration.  This explains what we expect from the Pro Tyer along with what you will receive in return.  Here we enter into an agreement together and once we have your signed acceptance of the agreement we are good to go! The next steps will all be made clear to you by the team at Semperfli HQ!

So if you are interested in learning more, then please get in touch via protyers@semperfli.net




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