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Semperfli Partner Reference


      Hello and welcome to the Semperfli Partner
      Manual.                                    Contacts
                                                 Head Office     Hazel Lodge
      Our goal at Semperfli is to provide the best   UK          35C Bondgate
      quality and innovative fly tying materials.                Selby
                                                                 North Yorkshire
      We  value  our  partners  highly  and  it  is  our         YO8 3LX
      pleasure to be working with the best dealers     
      and distributors around the world. Thank you               Email [email protected],net
      for all you do to make Semperfli the success
      it is and enabling us to fill our catalogue and            Telephone   +44   (0)1757
      manual with great products and information!
                                                 Semperfli       Semperfli US
      To  that  end  we  created  this  manual   USA             485 North State St.
      especially for you - we want to offer you the              Shelley
      best support we can.                                       Idaho
      We hope you will find this resource helpful in             United States
      managing your Semperfli range of materials       
      easily and conveniently.                                   Email [email protected],us
                                                                 Telephone 208-357-3089
      Here you will find access to great resources
      all  geared  for  your  website  and  in  house
      We  hope  you  agree  that  this  manual  is  of
      assistance and that it showcases Semperfli     It’s In The Name – Always Faithful, Always Fly
      materials as the quality range in the market!

      Thank  you  for  your  continued  support  and
      please let us know how we can be of help to
                                                     Semper  fidelis  (Latin  pronunciation:  [ˈsɛm.pɛr
      Ann                                            fɪˈdeː.lɪs])  is  a  Latin  phrase  that  means  "always
                                                     faithful"  or  "always  loyal".  It  is  the  motto  of  the
                                                     United  States  Marine  Corps  usually  shortened  to
      Ann Kitchener
                                                     Semper  fi.  It  is  also  in  use  as  a  motto  for  towns,
                                                     families, schools, and military units.

                                                     When developing the materials we were developing

                                                     specifically  for  fly  tying  and  fly  tyers.  Hence  the
                                                     company  name  becoming  Semperfli  “always
                                                     faithful, always (fly) Fli”
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