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Are you looking to wholesale fly tying materials for your store?  Are you looking for a trade account? As a fly tying materials manufacturer

Semperfli supplies fly tying shops/businesses/factories around the world with our unique materials.

Semperfli is proud to work with the very best partners internationally who share our passion for fly tying and quality materials.   Being a trade only organisation, we do not sell direct, but work with our dealer/distribution channels to help them drive their sales to great success.


We pride ourselves on offering quality, innovative, distinctive materials that perform.  Most famous for Nano Silk the super strong tying thread, we also have a wide range of alternative specialist fly tying materials in our catalogue.

We offer our worldwide partners unrivalled customer care to make sure they have the best experience in working with Semperfli.

Our catalogue is well regarded for its rich information, fly showcase and built in fly tying videos.  It is available in different currencies – US, Canadian, European.

For example, we offer extensive support to our partners:

  • interactive flip book catalogue that can be shown in store
  • trade resources – full data, product images and PRICAT file for your in house systems – ready for download
  • regular contact from an account manager to keep you up to date with product news/releases
  • support at exhibitions
  • content/collateral support
  • social media support

If you would like to become an authorised Semperfli Partner and stock the very best materials, please do get in touch!

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