Cheeky UV

Cheeky UV is a UV Plastic film that is very vibrant. Designed to be very thin perfect for competition scene buzzers and chironomids. Hints - Cheeky UV can be stretched to make it even thinner for micro buzzer / chironomid cheeks. Use for lateral lines, cheeks and uv tails stubs, ribbing and hotspots

An amazing range of vibrant fluorescent colours with to create stunning flies.
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About Cheeky UV

Cheeky UV is an exciting new product for 2019. We were asked to develop a thin fluorescent material for buzzer cheeks. We started work and created an ultra thin UV film that glows extremely vibrantly under UV torches or sunlight. As it is a plastic film it can be stretched thin or used directly from the spool for for lateral lines, as bodies with ribbing over or for winging and is ideal for buzzer or chironomid cheeks or as uv tail stubs.

Perfect for buzzers sizes 8 to 16 or stretched thinner for smaller buzzer cheeks and has no build up whatsoever of buzzers. The original request from the competition scene for an ultra thin, UV cheek material has been met and exceeded!

  • UV Plastic film very vibrant
  • Very thin perfect for competition scene buzzers and chironomids

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