Straggle String

Our Straggle String has been a favorite with fly tyers for many years. The world's finest micro chenille developed specifically for fly tying with just 2 cores it is perfect for thoraxes and microlegging

A wonderful range of natural and hot spot colors designed to match flies worldwide plus a deadly range of fluorescent colors. Straggle Strings full color range can be seen below. It is the largest range of colors available specifically for fly tying with stunning olives and colors to help you match the hatch

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About Straggle String

Not all micro cheilles are the same! Semperfli Straggle String is a micro fine chenille available in an amazing range of colors perfect for thoraxes, micro legging of the tiniest of flies. Use by Hans van Klinken as a replacement for peacock herl as it is cites registered Straggle String is a product that has been used for many years by fly tyers world-wide. What do we mean by micro chenille? Straggle String is made of just 2 cores with a superb UV which looks like legs or adds that edge to thoraxes and legs on flies, from dries to wets and shrimps or bugs. As a substitute for peacock Straggle String can be used on Intruders, Salmon or Sea Trout flies equally well. 


Straggle String Specifications

Not all micro chenilles are the same, with just 2 cores and a stunning UV fleck Straggle String is the finest micro chenille available on the market

Straggle String Close Up Against Size 10 Nymph Hook

Straggle String Close Up Against Size 10 Nymph Hook

Straggle String Colour Range