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Semperfli Wires Videos

About Semperfli WiresSemperfli wires come in in 0.1mm ideal for dries, 0.2mm for nymphs, streamers and ribbing, 0.3mm for brassies and 0.5mm for streamers, saltwater, salmon and sea trout flies.VideosError type: “Forbidden”. Error message: “Requests from referer,status&playlistId=PLjrvk2_pIPwu0N3Rq9qhtgXIuscwBgjZO&maxResults=20&key=AIzaSyCV9E0lJEGrhUHA2Nhdc4KbOtG_M0qekLY are blocked.” Domain: “global”. Reason: “forbidden”. Did you added your own Google API key? Look at the […]

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Specifications Colours Youtube playlist Dealer Request Semperfli wires are stunning quality, non tarnishing wires designed for the fly tyer. In a wonderful range of colours and sizes these wires will site the smallest of dry flies with the 0.1mm, stunning numphs with the 0.2mm, Brassies with the 0,3mm and the largest of saltwater, salmon and […]

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Wire brown

View Our Fabulous Range of Wires

We hear on the grape vine that wires are in great demand and in particular certain colours are tricky to source? This is certainly not the case at Semperfli! We have a fabulous range of wire in many many colours in both 0.1mm and 0.2mm! Development wise, as you can see in the photo to […]

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Fly Tying Simple Copper John Jig by Hackles & Wings

  Simon’s Recommended Materials Hanak H450BL #16 Semperfli Copper or Tungsten Bead Lead Free Wire 0.015 Superglue Semperfli Nano Silk 18/0 Beige Semperfli Lure Wire Copper 0.2mm Goose Biots (For Classic Copper John) or Semperfli Pheasant Tail (Try the Picric Pheasant Tails For Stunning effects) Semperfli Pearl Tinsel Semperfli Swiss Straw Semperfli Peacock Ice Dub

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