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Svend Diesel The Matuka Streamer Fly Pattern Tutorial

Svend Diesel The Matuka Streamer Fly Pattern Tutorial I was looking through the book, “The History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies,” and came across the Matuka Streamer I knew that it would not only be a fun pattern to tie by be effective as well. Combining the Old School English style of tying flies with the New Zealander twist should be a […]

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Classic Waxed Thread

Specifications Colours Youtube playlist Dealer Request Our Classic Waxed Thread has been developed after examining the traditional waxed threads used by fly tyers world-wide. Our polyester threads have the innovation that always occurs with Semperfli products. We extruded our polyester thread so that it is flatter than other threads giving more grip to prevent materials […]

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Anchor Wrap Tying Technique by Paul Shurtleff

Anchor Wrap After spending some time working with and field testing various materials over the years, I’d like to stress the importance of what’s called an “Anchor Wrap” in fly tying when working with various materials. I’m not just talking about any materials though, I’m more refering to corded or furled synthetic/semi-synthetic types of materials […]

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