New Straggle String In Brown Released!

If fly tyers ask, we do our very best to help! We were asked for a brown Straggle String so our dyers got to work and here is the result!

We are delighted to launch this lovely shade of brown.  Hope you like it!

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1 comment on “New Straggle String In Brown Released!”

  1. Wesley Rademaker Reply

    Very Nice Color,
    Good color for a shrimp pattern (Gammarus)very nice color,witch a Swiss-straw shellback (Brown)and coated with epoxy rib 0.10 nylon
    Also a very good color in ligth orange or ginger ice dub. if you have the colors in straggle string. rib with copper wire and coat the swiss straw ( Brown ) in epoxy.
    those patterns in Hooksize 10.14.16. very good patterns for trout and Grayling. All year arround.
    Also you got to put 0.15 leadwire on the hook.
    Have fun Tying.

    Wesley Rademaker

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