Norwegian Championship Fly Tying 2018

We are very proud to announce that Semperfli Pro Tyer Roy Ole Laehren Jakobsen took second place in the very prestigious Norweigan Championship Fly Tying at Camp Villmark Fishing Fair on 7th April 2018.

The category that Roy entered included dry, wet, new and old styles plus attractors and imitation flies.

It was up to each participant to choose the style and type as long as the fly was meant for freshwater trout.  The entrant could tie one pattern in each category with 3 idential flies in their chosen individual class.

The flies had been submitted well in advance of the show so they could be fully evaluated by various judges.  Finalists were notified so they could attend the event.

The winners were announced on the day at Camp Villmark Fishing Fair.

First place went to Tore Viggo and many congratulations go to him.

Second place went to our pro team member Roy and we are indeed very proud of his achievements here!  Well done Roy!



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