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Semperfli Pro Team

At Semperfli we work with the very best tyers from around the world.  We select our Pro Team members based on their particular area of expertise based on their expertise, talent and their passion for Semperfli materials.  They are all really nice people too who are happy to help others in their fly tying.  Their tying reflects many different styles of tying from around the world and different types of fishing. They really do represent Semperfli and our materials to their very best - and we are very proud of them!  You can see them and their work at fly tying exhibitions/events, clubs, on many different social media channels or on TV and radio.

We work closely with our Pro Team - to us our Pro Team are a bank of experts, an important part of the Semperfli family who we respect highly.  So we like to involve our Pro Team too in sharing ideas, news and indeed product development/evaluation.  

Each year we hold our Fly Jam event where our Pro Team come together from all over the world (either in person or via an online live meeting) where they get to test our prospective new materials in advance of release. We really do value their opinion and feedback. This truly international event also enables us all to share tips techniques and more.

If you want to learn from the best or see some the of world's best fly tying, you can't go wrong by following or chatting with a Semperfli Pro Team member. 


What does it take to join our Pro Team?

Semperfli Pro Team

The Semperfli Pro Team at The Irish Fly Fair