Gary Barnes

Gary Barnes

Born and raised in Eastern Idaho on the banks of the beautiful South Fork reach of the Snake River, is where Gary Barnes passion for fly fishing began.  He started fishing and exploring the South Fork at the young age of six which evolved into a passion of tying flies starting in his early teenage years. Living near the river by Ririe, he fishes and knows it better than most folks out there.  Nothing compares to growing up near a river such as this, and many anglers in the region envy that kind of connection. 

Gary’s South Fork experience and observations, and those on numerous other waters he frequents, have made him a superb tier…much of which comes from being self-taught.  Because of this, he reveals some very unique and innovative methods and patterns that catch many different species of fish.

Gary’s productive patterns have resulted in invitations to demonstrate many of his techniques at shows and conclaves.  He has tied and put on demonstrations at shows including Eastern Idaho’s Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo, Western Idaho’s Tying Expo, Washington State’s The Fly Fishing Show, The Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo, Western Colorado’s Conclave as well as other numerous IFFF Conclaves. 

Now associated with LOOP Tackle and Semperfli., Gary is also part of the Daiichi and Semperfli pro staffs.

Some of Gary’s patterns can be found in various fly fishing books (Modern Terrestrials, Trout Country Flies and other various magazine articles).  His focus on tying is broad and ranges from trout nymphs and dries, meaty streamers, steelhead flies, as well as saltwater patterns.  He prides himself in classic Atlantic Salmon flies tied with traditional materials and even forges and makes his own hooks.

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