Paul Shurtleff

About Paul

Paul hails from Springville, Utah and has 29 years of experience behind the vise and on the water. Paul specializes in all types of trout flies with an emphasis in tying dry flies, particularly parachute style dry flies. He grew up in a family full of outdoorsmen and has been doing outdoor activities his whole life. His older brother (12 years his senior) was the fly tyer and fly fisherman in his family. He took Paul “under his wing” and taught him most of what he knows. He was a huge influence and got Paul started tying flies and fly fishing at a young age. Paul is very proud to have some of his fly patterns published in the book, “Americas Favorite Flies” and in both “Southwest Fly Fishing” and “Northwest Fly Fishing” magazines. He volunteers for PHWFF as a guide and fly ting instructor and was the Utah Fly Tyer of the Year in 2017. He is also a Pro for Semperfli, Moonlit Fly Fishing/Dragontail Tenkara and Nirvana On The Fly. When he’s not fly fishing or tying, Paul plays the electric bass guitar We are very happy to have Paul represent Semperfli as a Pro Tyer and we look forward to following Paul on his future fly fishing and fly tying endeavors. Below you can see a sample of Paul’s tying and if you would like to see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram at