Roy Ole Læhren Jakobsen

My name is Roy Ole Læhren Jakobsen and I`m 41 years old. Live in a place called Raufoss in the middle of Norway. Two hours north of the capital Oslo. I`m married with my beautiful wife, have two kids and have a foster son living with us. Born and raised in a small wooded valley close to the biggest lake in Norway, Mjøsa.

In my childhood, fishing was my prime interest. I started fishing alone at the age of 8, and began tying my own flies when I was about 12. I still remember I sat along the banks of river Orkla in Norway. Tied up salmon-tubes for the older fishermen. And the flies gave them good catches. A fly tier was born.

Fishing for brown trout is my passion of life, and it`s also reflects my fly tying. By tying dry flies, nymphs and streamers. I try to imitate what the trout feeds on, both over and under the surface. My main goal is to make the flies as fishy as they can be. They must look like something natural and edible for the fish.

It`s important to me that the flies have a lot of life, naturalness and movement. I built in these features by selecting the appropriate materials as CDC, different types of hair, stripped peacock quills and capes.

I also like to experiment around already established fly patterns with new materials. I often want to give them "my look" by thoughts and experience.

I mostly fish rivers and lakes in my area. Either down in the lowland or up on the mountain. It all depends on where to expect insect hatching. And my fishing season lasts from about April to September. And once or twice a year I try to get on a slightly longer fishing trip, preferably up north in Norway, or abroad as Iceland