Roy Ole Laehren Jakobsen Joins The Semperfli Pro Team

Roy hails from a place called Raufoss in Norway.   A married man with 2 sons and a step-son, he was born and raised in a valley close to Norways largest lake, Mjøsa.   In childhood, fishing was his prime interest and he actually started fishing alone at the age 8, and began fly tying when at the age of 12.

Fishing for brown trout is his passion and that is clearly reflected in his fly tying. By tying dry flies, nymphs and streamers, he likes to imitate what the trout eat, both over and under the surface.

It is important to Roy that the flies have a lot of life and movement. He builds in these features by selecting the appropriate materials. His favourite Semperfli materials are nano silk, spyder, fluorobrite, chenilles and poly yarn!  To quote Roy he says “Semperfli has everything I use in my fly tying!”

Roy can also be seen at various shows in Norway and also at the Irish Fly Fair.  He is looking forward to doing more shows in the coming years too.

It is wonderful to hear that Roy teaches young people fly tying too – free of charge.  He has recently run some adult classes too.  Thanks to his expertise he has been asked to travel to various fishing clubs to do talks so watch out for him in your local area!  Roy is quoted as saying “Through the years I`ve learned one thing, I never stop learning fly tying.” so it is great that he is willing to share this knowledge and experience with others.

We are delighted that Roy has joined the Semperfli Pro Team!  An asset to our team!




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