Semperfli 1.5mm 1/16inch Flat Braids Released

Semperfli Chartreuse 1.5mm 1/16inch Flat Braid

Semperfli Chartreuse 1.5mm 1/16inch Flat Braid

Our flat braid is very thin 1.5mm wide (or 1/16″).  It is made of a tightly braided metalloplastic ribbon. Flat braids can be to form very slim bodies on trout lures, predator flies, bonefish shrimp bodies, saltwater baitfish, or flash on nymph wing cases or salmon flies. Flat braid gives the opportunity to construct bodies with very fine texture and is very popular as a body material, try ribbing your tubes or Waddingtons or to spice up that trout or predator fly body.

Why use flat braid? It makes highly realistic bodies with the ribbon looking like scales. On each spool of the Semperfli Flat Braid you get a superb 4m of braid unlike the smaller spools of some other suppliers.

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