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Edmonds and Lee - Brook and River Trouting SpineComing from Yorkshire, home of Northern Spiders the team at Semperfli have always been interested in traditional materials as well as the sexy synthetic fly tying materials the company is famous for. Tying Spiders like Partridge and Orange, Snipe & Purple have been one of the starting points for our fly fishing on rivers. With many traditionalists specialising on Clyde Style and Northern Spiders we decided to develop our own silks range, however we wanted to do this as sympathetically as possible to the traditions of these patterns.

Edmonds and Lee - Shades of SilkThe Semperfli team were very luck, finding a copy of the original 1000 trade edition copies of the Edmunds & Lee Brook and River Trouting Book at an Auction. Virtually unused and unopened a fantastic book in the Semperfli Library. One of our team also had been left a box of fly tying materials from a relative, unopened since the 1960’s, in that box were some traditional spools of Pearsalls Silks, referred to by Edmunds and Lee. This sparked the team into action.

Working with a silks specialist and the Semperfli Pro team we decided to match the colours of the original Silks against the Edmunds and Lee Shades of Silks colour chart. Although obviously colour pantone technology was not as accurate when the book was printed working with some specialists on the Semperfli Pro Team who specialised on Northern Spiders and Clyde style patterns we were able to look at historic patterns and match the colours against our dyes. The results a set of twisted pure silk threads that are as close match to the traditional silks as we could get.

Semperfli Silks resting on Edmonds and Lee - Brook and River Trouting

Semperfli Silks resting on Edmonds and Lee – Brook and River Trouting


Edmunds & Lee Brook & River Trouting Book History

Subtitled, “A Manual of modern North Country methods”, this one is a classic and in many ways has never been improved upon. First published in 1916, it appeared in a very limited edition of 50 copies, each one of which contained twenty mounts of artificial flies and fly tying materials; interestingly, most copies contain flies that were tied by Hardys’ rather than the authors, but this edition still commands a tremendously high price thanks to its rarity. A trade edition of 1000 copies followed and for many years this served as the North country fisherman’s Bible

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