So what is Semperfli Fly Jam all about?

The name Fly Jam came about as a casual comment initially.  It was a way of describing a friendly get together of like minded fly tyers – in the same way that a group of musicians have a jam session – we have a jam session all about fly tying!  Tying, sharing, chatting, experimenting, supporting and having fun together!  All about the passion for fly tying with Semperfli.

At Semperfli we really value our Pro Tyers – these are the people who are experts in their particular field – that we really respect.  We want to have a different approach to our Pro Team members.  In addition to all they do with showcasing our materials at shows, online and in clubs (for which we are very grateful), we want to be closely connected with them – listen to them, learn from them and involve them in our material planning for the forthcoming year.

One of the very special aspects of Fly Jam is how we manage to get our Pro Team involved from all around the world.  Those who live in the UK or close by, join us to be at Semperfli HQ in person.  For those who cannot join or who live too far away, they join us on Skype in a large group session.  We can see all the Pro Tyers faces on screen here and via two cameras in our office, they can see and hear all we do.  We had Pro Tyers from UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Scandinavia, USA, Canada and more all on at the same time.

For some of the Pro Team, due to the time differences, they have to get up very early indeed for which we are very grateful.  For some it was 2.30am!

But it was sooooo worth it!

Each Pro Tyer had been sent a bag of materials that are our new materials we are looking at for next year.  They are not allowed to open them until we are all together on Fly Jam day.  It is like Christmas morning!  Then together we go through the materials proposed and evaluate them together.  We look at the different usages for the materials, the naming of it and the colour options etc. This is so valuable to us all.

Then later in the day we have ‘Show and Tell’.  Pro Tyers get to showcase their work – no matter whether they are on Skype or in the office – all get involved.  It can be for a new technique, using the new materials or just for pleasure.  We welcome it all.

Of course, you will be no doubt wondering about the new materials we reviewed on the day?  Well we are thrilled that the Pro Team love our new creations and these are going into production straight away! Watch this space for more news on some fabulous new materials!

A wonderful day full of friendship, fly tying and fun.  We are already looking forward to the next one!


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1 comment on “So what is Semperfli Fly Jam all about?”

  1. Rob Viala Reply

    What a great way to connect with tiers all over the globe. Semperfli always seems to have such great new products.

    We are lucky enough to get Semperfli products at our local stores. It’s always great to see new things come to market. It gets the creative tying juices flowing.

    Thank you
    Rob Viala
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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