Straggle String Czech Nymphs by Paul Shurtleff

Simple and easy to tie, these Straggle String Czech nymphs are highly effective and a productive fly pattern to use in waters containing “Hydropsyche” (or “Hydros” for short, also called “net spinner”) caddis larvae… These are a form of caddis larvae that build nets of silk instead of cases to live in. They are caseless free living caddis larvae.

(pictured below is a real Hydropsyche or “net spinning” caddis larvae)

The Straggle String makes fast and easy work of forming a perfect taper on the bodies of these patterns for a near life like appearance. The UV properties of the Straggle String simply add that fish catching “bugginess” effect to the overall fly pattern without doing much past wrapping the material around the hook. 


Straggle String comes in a wide variety of colors which will make tying the Straggle String Czech Nymph to match the colors of the natural insects in your areas waters simple and easy to do.

Simple tying instructions for the Straggle String Caddis:

After the hook is secured in the vise, I usually put a layer (sometimes 2) of lead foil tape down on the hook shank to help add weight and to get the fly to sink… The lead foil tape also helps with the taper of the body of the fly as well.
After the lead is on the hook, start the thread at the eye of the hook and form a layer of thread over the lead to the hook bend and a little beyond and return the thread to just behind the hooks eye.
Next, tie in the ribbing material (I like to use 4x tippet) just behind the hook eye and carry it down the hook shank to the hook bend with thread wraps. Return the thread wraps to mid hook shank.
Next, tie in the Thin Skin Shell Back. Stretch it as you tie it in bringing the Shell Back material to the same point as the ribbing material.
Then, tie in the first color of Straggle String and carry it down the shank to where the Shell Back and Ribbing are tied in.
Wrap the Straggle String forward to the 3/4 mark on the hook shank, tie it off, and trim.
Next, tie in the 2nd color of Straggle String where the 1st color was tied off. (If you wanted to add a “Hot Spot”, this is the time and the place to add one in)
Wrap the 2nd color of Straggle String to just behind the hook eye, leaving enough space to keep from crowding the hook eye, tie it off and trim.
Stretch the Shell Back over the entire back of the fly to the hook eye and tie it down and trim.
Rib over the Shell Back and body of the fly leaving slight spaces between segments to the hook eye and tie it down and trim.
Create a small head on the fly just behind the hook eye, whip finish and remove the thread.
Optional: Use markers to darken the Shell Back of the fly. After coloring up the body, cover the thorax area of the Shell Back and the head of the fly with a thin coat of UV resin.

Materials Used

Hook: Partridge of Redditch Czech Nymph (#14)
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 in brown
Shell Back: Semperfli Thin Skin Shell Back
Under body: Sticky backed lead foil tape (used for weight)
Body: Semperfli Straggle String (2 colors)
Rib: 4x mono tippet
Markings: Chartpak markers (2 colors)
Coating: UV Resin

Happy tying!




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