Straggle String for Wild Browns by Pro Tyer Kevin Sheridan

Last Season I started using Straggle String for Irish Wild Brown Trout after seeing a picture of the Assassin Buzzer that was Created by Sandy Dickson Semperfli Pro Team Member. Shortly after I got a call from a angler asking for a selection of Assassin Buzzers with different colours of Straggle String. Results of the straggle string catching wild browns came when the same angler met me at the Irish Fly Fair. The results were amazing – Brown Trout up to 4lb and every colour (yellow, grey, green) worked and also through the season when there was a Buzzer hatch. This coming season I have put Straggle String into a Palomino Midge


Kevin’s Tying Guide For The Assassin Buzzer

  • Tie Black Nano Silk onto Grub Hook
  • Tie on Black Foam forward over the hook eye
  • Tie in Straggle String in line with hook point wrap forward towards hook eye and back to starting point and tie in
  • Pull fibres of straggle string downwards and fold foam back and tie in cut the foam short not exceeding the bend of the hook.

Kevin’s Tying Guide For the Palomino Midge

  • Tie Black Nano Silk to hook point
  • Tie on Black Suede Chenille
  • Then 3 plumes of CDC pointing backwards
  • Next Straggle String and bring it forward and than bring CDC forward and tie in. 


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