Straggle String Videos

About Semperfli Wires

Semperfli wires come in in 0.1mm ideal for dries, 0.2mm for nymphs, streamers and ribbing, 0.3mm for brassies and 0.5mm for streamers, saltwater, salmon and sea trout flies.


60 Second Straggle String Caddis Fly Pattern Video
So this isn’t really a tutorial, but more of a...
The 60 Second Balanced Damzel Nymph using Kileys tails Fly Pattern Tutorial
The 60 Second video summary with music of the Balanced...
The Balanced Damzel Nymph Fly Pattern Tutorial
When @bigfiveohbro speaks . . . you listen. Taking an...
The Exo Skin Damzel Nymph Fly Pattern Tutorial
I am getting excited for the high mountain lake trips...
The Straggle Ant Fly Pattern Tutorial using Straggle String
A quick and durable terrestrial ant pattern that is a...

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