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Semperfli Wires Videos

About Semperfli WiresSemperfli wires come in in 0.1mm ideal for dries, 0.2mm for nymphs, streamers and ribbing, 0.3mm for brassies and 0.5mm for streamers, saltwater, salmon and sea trout flies.VideosError type: “Forbidden”. Error message: “Requests from referer https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/playlistItems?part=snippet,status&playlistId=PLjrvk2_pIPwu0N3Rq9qhtgXIuscwBgjZO&maxResults=20&key=AIzaSyCV9E0lJEGrhUHA2Nhdc4KbOtG_M0qekLY are blocked.” Domain: “global”. Reason: “forbidden”. Did you added your own Google API key? Look at the […]

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